Postcards from Paris

The French capital is truly magical. For me, the city break was less about seeing the sights, and more about getting lost in its narrow streets, soaking up the relaxed atmosphere. So, if you ever visit, just sit at a brasserie, order a glass of wine and watch the world go by.

51. Ninh Binh

Vietnam: Hao Lu, Ninh Binh Dubbed as the inland Haolong Bay, Hao Lu Tam Coc in the Ninh Binh province lies a couple of hours outside of Hanoi. The excursion to the former ancient capital (Hao Lu) is a world away from the honks, narrow streets and chaos in the old quarter.  Meandering through incredible … More 51. Ninh Binh

44. The Birds

Korea: Bujeon Market, Busan On New Years Eve we revisited Bujeon market. Bujeon market feels like stepping back in time. It is a real slice of old-school Korean flavours and a chaotic maze, bustling with locals getting the best kimchi, fish and fresh vegetables. On the way out I spotted these birds hanging out above … More 44. The Birds

41. Folk Dance

Korea: Insadong, Seoul The dances here often showcase the hanbok; Korea’s traditional dress. However, you may also get the chance to see other performances. This group burst out singing, dancing and playing drums into the streets of Insadong. I think this dance stems from the folk villages and holds its roots in farming culture. Whilst the hanbok is elegant, this outfit is more in … More 41. Folk Dance

39. K-Dramas

Korea: K-Dramas, Jinju Each year Jinju hosts a lantern festival. When the sun sets, the lake is transformed into a romantic spectacle lit up by colourful inflatables. On one side of the river they were holding a survey where you could vote for your favourite k-drama actor/actress. I have never watched a drama (I know, don’t judge … More 39. K-Dramas

38. Oncheonjang

Korea: Oncheonjang, Busan In the UK I come from a tiny little village, it’s very ‘Vicar of Dibley’ style. A sleepy hamlet full of old people, keeping themselves to themselves unless they want to enroll you in the church. That’s why it’s quite funny how when I moved to Korea I was placed in Oncheonjang, an … More 38. Oncheonjang