Postcards from New Year: Korean Style

New Year: Korean Style New Year is usually characterised by a terrible hangover, wallowing in self-pity, drinking copious amounts of tea and watching Disney movies. Whilst Koreans are known for their love of a good party (Korea drinks on average 14 shots a week), NY is celebrated slightly differently. The idea is to get up very early (or … More Postcards from New Year: Korean Style

More Postcards from Hiroshima, Iwakuni & Miyajima

‘The purpose of all wars, is peace.’ – Saint Augustine I honestly didn’t know much about what happened on August 6th 1945, so before visiting Hiroshima I watched Steven Ozaki’s documentary, White Light/Black Rain: The Destruction of Hiroshima and Nagasaki (2007). I was left with feelings of frustration and sadness which were merely a precursor to … More More Postcards from Hiroshima, Iwakuni & Miyajima

24. Taipei 101

Taiwan: Taipei 101 Good evening, I am currently at the airport hanging around for our early flight back to Busan. So, whilst last week I spoke about HK being a disappointment, Taiwan has been anything but. Great food, great places, great people. Today’s picture is from Taipei 101. Towers are really expensive so instead we … More 24. Taipei 101

23. Macau

Macau: somewhere Hello from Kaohsiung, Taiwan it’s wonderful here but whilst I’m snapping I’ll save TW for next Wednesday. This past week I’ve been in Hong Kong. I have to admit, it may be a surprise but I was actually a little disappointed. Why? Expectation has a lot to do with experience and I guess … More 23. Macau

22. Film Museum

China: Film Museum, Shanghai I am currently writing from Hong Kong as my Wednesday post had to be delayed afer being blocked on social media (thank you China). Today’s post is from this week’s travels in Shanghai. Shanghai has been a great surprise, with a little time spare we chose to visit the Film Museum. … More 22. Film Museum