Postcards from Paris

The French capital is truly magical. For me, the city break was less about seeing the sights, and more about getting lost in its narrow streets, soaking up the relaxed atmosphere. So, if you ever visit, just sit at a brasserie, order a glass of wine and watch the world go by. Advertisements

Postcards from Kyoto

Kyoto, Japan There are many who become fascinated with Japan, whether its through music, fashion, anime, or the language. Japan retains a distinct cultural identity, a vibrancy in which tradition and modernity co-exist. Since first visiting Korea back in 2005, Japan was top of my bucket list. It was a dream to see it and in 2012 I visited with my good friend from home, Binks. In … More Postcards from Kyoto

Postcards from Gyeongju

Gyeongju, Korea Gyeongju: the old capital. When in search of a more traditional Korea, Gyeongju is clearly the place to be. It’s a temple hoppers dream, cycling about gleefully from sight to sight. Having now lived in Korea for 9 months and having visited Japan and China, I understand that it is possible to get ‘templed out.’ However, Gyeongju has a historic … More Postcards from Gyeongju