Postcards from Cambodia

Cambodia: Siem Reap – Phnom Penh – Kampot – Kep

It may seem kind of ridiculous posting now. I took my trip to Cambodia in January and its already July. Where has the time gone? I’m starting a job very soon and moving soon to start a new phase of my life but I can’t help but reminisce, as memories are far more valuable upon returning to familiarity.

Travelling doesn’t always go to plan and I can safely say the trip to Cambodia was challenging. It was somewhere I’d always wanted to tick off my map. Lured by Siem Reap, the reality was I was disappointed with it being such a tourist town. I also got the worst case of food poisoning I have ever experienced, taking tablets for a 5 hour bus to reach Kampot, I then stayed at the hotel heading to the bathroom, even after a drink of water. This lasted a few days. It was bad, despite Kampot being a lovely place (as far as what I saw – it seemed so)

I started to feel better and planned to go to Koh Rong. But…the idyllic island had an outbreak of some illness, so having recovered from food poisoning, we decided to play it safe and go to Kep. A nearby small town famous for crab – quieter, beautiful sunsets, amazing seafood and lovely people it was without doubt my favourite part of this trip. It just goes to show that what you expect isn’t always what you get. From ‘gap yah’ trousers to ruins, and finding out more about it’s recent history, in hindsight Cambodia was challenging but certainly well worth a visit. It was a memorable and incredible experience and amok – the national dish is delish.



48. Kep

Cambodia: Crab Market, Kep

Sometimes on vacation, there are just things that happen which you simply can’t plan. I was in Kampot and got sick for about 2 days, recovering just in time for our next move to Koh Rong. However, the night before we were meant to embark my friend messaged saying half of the people were getting very sick on the island and it had effected her too!

After having only just recovered we decided to stay safe swapping the white sands of Koh Rong for the nearby sleepy town of Kep. Now, Kep is a tiny place. There really wasn’t much to do, but it was just what I needed. Our days were spent swimming, whizzing round on tuk-tuks and watching sunsets.

The food here is the real star of the show. In Kep, I had THE best amok. I also chomped down on its famed crab, looking over the water towards Vietnam as the sun set. I mean, it was a real breath of fresh air away from the cities. Who’d have thought this place which I overlooked would end up being my favourite part of Cambodia.