45. The Dojang

Korea: Jangsan, Busan Taekwondo is Korea’s national sport. In 2005 I stayed with a family in Cheongju and practiced in a local dojang. 12 years later I’m still doing the sport. As the only foreigner in the club it was initially a daunting endeavor. Moving from the UK to Korea and deciding to carry it on … More 45. The Dojang

Postcards from New Year: Korean Style

New Year: Korean Style New Year is usually characterised by a terrible hangover, wallowing in self-pity, drinking copious amounts of tea and watching Disney movies. Whilst Koreans are known for their love of a good party (Korea drinks on average 14 shots a week), NY is celebrated slightly differently. The idea is to get up very early (or … More Postcards from New Year: Korean Style

44. The Birds

Korea: Bujeon Market, Busan On New Years Eve we revisited Bujeon market. Bujeon market feels like stepping back in time. It is a real slice of old-school Korean flavours and a chaotic maze, bustling with locals getting the best kimchi, fish and fresh vegetables. On the way out I spotted these birds hanging out above … More 44. The Birds

41. Folk Dance

Korea: Insadong, Seoul The dances here often showcase the hanbok; Korea’s traditional dress. However, you may also get the chance to see other performances. This group burst out singing, dancing and playing drums into the streets of Insadong. I think this dance stems from the folk villages and holds its roots in farming culture. Whilst the hanbok is elegant, this outfit is more in … More 41. Folk Dance

39. K-Dramas

Korea: K-Dramas, Jinju Each year Jinju hosts a lantern festival. When the sun sets, the lake is transformed into a romantic spectacle lit up by colourful inflatables. On one side of the river they were holding a survey where you could vote for your favourite k-drama actor/actress. I have never watched a drama (I know, don’t judge … More 39. K-Dramas

38. Oncheonjang

Korea: Oncheonjang, Busan In the UK I come from a tiny little village, it’s very ‘Vicar of Dibley’ style. A sleepy hamlet full of old people, keeping themselves to themselves unless they want to enroll you in the church. That’s why it’s quite funny how when I moved to Korea I was placed in Oncheonjang, an … More 38. Oncheonjang