49. Baltic Centre

UK: Baltic Centre for Contemporary Art, Gateshead


2 months later. Emptied my apartment, said goodbye to beautiful Busan and set off on a month of traveling around Thailand and Vietnam. Now I’m back in the UK and reverse culture shock is real. It’s a strange thing being able to understand everything around you, queuing up in an orderly fashion and ordering tea without having to ask for milk.

These British nuances are both comforting but after two years feels like taking a giant step backwards. Nothing has really changed at home which is in some ways nice and also strange. I feel like so much has happened for me in those 2 years and yet it feels almost like time has stood still at home.

Now my blog will be taking a different turn. I used my camera for the first time in Korea and explored some wonderful countries. Now it’s time to explore my own turf as a tourist and get snapping.

This picture is from the Baltic Centre for Contemporary Art in Gateshead. It’s a landmark of the North East region and commonly mistaken for being in Newcastle. It’s actually just a walk across the Gateshead Millennium bridge – a width of the Tyne away from Newcastle ‘toon.’


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