47. S21

Cambodia: S21, Phnom Penh

In 2 weeks we’ve seen the temples of Siem Reap, sampled Kampot pepper and watched an amazing Kep sunset. Whilst it’s been easy to get swept up in the holiday, Phnom Penn was perhaps the most memorable experience and left us with a disturbing insight into life under the Khmer Rouge.

Tuol Sleng, otherwise known as S21 was a prison run during the revolution. Those who entered were interrogated, tortured and many were then took to The Killing Fields. A mere 7 people survived. The place is now a museum where you can learn more about what happened here, but eerily these rooms have been left mostly untouched. This image is from outside of Block A. Inside,  bed frames and shackles remain.

It was a sobering experience and so hard to believe such tragic events happened not so long ago.


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