24. Taipei 101

Taiwan: Taipei 101

Good evening, I am currently at the airport hanging around for our early flight back to Busan. So, whilst last week I spoke about HK being a disappointment, Taiwan has been anything but. Great food, great places, great people.

Today’s picture is from Taipei 101. Towers are really expensive so instead we decided to cheat a little and pay a visit to the capitalist, conglomerate empire that is Starbucks, based on the 35th floor.

This Starbucks is so secretive that you need to make a reservation days in advance. Whilst it wasn’t at the very top of 101, it was a really great way to get a window view of Taipei with a cup of coffee. Towers I find are often way too crowded to get a good view. You get a minute to take a picture before someone is ready to pounce, elbows ready with their selfie stick. This however, was a relaxed option and much cheaper than paying for a ticket. Bingo! Taiwan has been a pleasure and so marks the end to our summer vacation.



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